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Here you will find my thoughts and musings on various subjects, from theology to book reviews to random happenings at home. They may contain moments of revelation I have had, or simply the ponderings of my quirky mind on various things that happen to catch my fancy (ordered ancient to recent).

Scripture Studies: 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Scripture Studies: Proverbs 27:7

Scripture Studies: Healing

Good for a Laugh: Garfield

In the Air, 21st April 2011

Seasons Memories: Summer

Seasons Memories: Autumn

Seasons Memories: Winter

Seasons Memories: Spring

Talents Are Such a Mystery...


Weekend Happenings

A Dream and a True Story

Family Holiday Happenings

100th Post

Soundtrack Giveaway 2011 | The Ink Slinger

An Especially Exciting Volume...

The Mystery of Harris Burdick

A Ramble on Ego and Identity

Things I Know About YOU!

Grace vs. Faith - Andrew Wommack

A Reminiscent Ramble

The Day of the Triffids TV Series (2009) - A Review

Why I Didn't See The Hunger Games

Tagged: Twice!

God is Like... (Australian Brands)

Love's Spirit and Quiet Reflections

Has "Get Up and Go" Got Up and Left?

Guest Post by J. Grace Pennington

What You Leave Behind

One Out of Ten

Announcing Rambletionals Blog

A (Snarky) Book Review - Red Rain, Aubrey Hansen

A Sincere Letter to Parents

Cracked the Ton!

PA: Promoting Awesomeness

Boycotting the Other Someone Else

I Am Nuts

J. Grace Pennington's Blog Scavenger Hunt!

Promoting the Illustrious Works of Luke Alistar

Jumping on the Bandwagon of Changes

Out of the Festive Woodwork

What I See

Hi-Ho, Tasmania!

Oh Brother!

Hugs Are the Best Kind of Magic

The Heart of the Father (Message Notes)

Taste of Summer

Made to Die

Influential Books

2013 In Review (via Instagram)

After the Drought

Cue the Magician

Alive, Kicking, and Tagged

The Case for Healing

This is where you'll find links to all the awesome stuffses, or the cream of inspiring articles, funny videos/comics, etc. I have found on the web and shared monthly/bi-monthly/when I can.

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