Promoting the Illustrious Works of Luke Alistar

I think the end of the year is partial to promotions. Not really sure why... it could have something to do with the holiday season, I'm guessing... Anyway! I'm here again to do some promoting through my blog!

The Element of SurpriseMy friend, author Luke Alistar is running several promotions and sales and giving away free ebooks this December/January. (and yes, they really are free!) Among his books on sale are a collection of forty comical stories and a middle-grade modern fantasy novel, both of which have been popular among families across the country. In addition, he is releasing his second volume of comical stories in January and is holding a holiday story contest, with the prize being a free signed copy of the new book. (muchly awesome, yes?)

See his blog for coupon codes, links, and details about the promotions and the contest:

Very exciting! I've read much of Luke's work, and he is an amazing writer with a great flair for humour, something I very much appreciate.

So take my word for it: hop on over to that link to check out his awesome stuff and be sure to enter the writing contest!

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