J. Grace Pennington's Blog Scavenger Hunt!

Book CoverWell I am pleased to announce, that today my blog is participating in something very special -- the Blog Scavenger Hunt for the promotion of J. Grace Pennington's new novel Never!  In case you haven't been parry to my rantings on my awesome friend Grace, I first met her through HolyWorlds and have gotten to know her well by reading her fantastic writing, and listening to her beautiful voice on HolyWorlds podcasts. However her awesomeness isn't the only reason why I'm here. I'm here to promote her awesome new western mystery novel Never, which is going to be released on the twenty-third of this month. But! By following these directions, you can be entered in a giveaway to win a free signed copy of the book! How cool is that? 

Here's how it works.  Each participating blog includes a code.  Gather up all the codes and email them to -


to be entered in the giveaway.  As a bonus, everyone who sends in all the codes will receive two beautiful Never-themed desktop backgrounds!

My code is:


And here's a link to the next participating blog:
P. Rose Williams

Never trivia:
During the revision of "Never", Grace read a number of mysteries to help her better write the mystery side of the story.  Her reading included Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, and Ellery Queen.

Now the contest runs out midnight November 22nd (American time, so that's about 5pm on the 23rd for us Aussies!) so enter now! You know I only promote awesomeness, so you will enter and you will read Gracie's awesome book, you hear? I'll know it if you don't! (Actually I won't, but if you want to make the Bushy really happy, you will enter. Maybe buy a few copies for your friends, family members, acquaintances, total strangers, etc.) 

Before you go enter, be sure to visit Grace's blog! www.jgracepennington.com

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  1. *Laughs at the last little remark* That sounds like a good idea. ;) *Bounces over to the next blog*

    1. *grins* Thanks for commenting on your trip through, Mirza! :D


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