Soundtrack Giveaway 2011 | the Ink Slinger

Who doesn't love a soundtrack? As a writer, soundtracks stir the creative juices in my imagination. So how could I pass up the opportunity to blog about a soundtrack giveaway?

So yes: most exciting!

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  1. (Speaking of which, I just noticed your link to my website... thank you so much for doing that!)

  2. No worries, Gabriel! :D

    (And you're quite welcome! I can't help but share awesomeness when I find it. :D)

  3. Hey BushMaid,

    I have had an awesome time on your blog! It has been so encouraging. I LOVE Australia, and have told my parents many times that I'm not going to marry someone who won't let me move there. LOL I'm just kidding of course!!!

    Your life sounds very, very similar to ours. Don't you just LOVE being able to live out in the freedom of the country? Out where things are still somewhat how God made them? Where you can breathe?

    Keep up the good work. I also love, love writing. I am trying to write my first book right now. I'm actually kind of co-writing it with David of We'll see.....

  4. Hi Lisa!

    Thankyou so much for visiting! :D I'm honoured you have been encouraged. If you ever move to Australia you will *have* to come visit me!! :D Hopefully you'll marry someone who shares your love of this place.

    Yes!! I LOVE the country. I love it that I can go outside and breathe the air without smelling car exhaust or fast food stores. I love it that I can run outside and yell at the top of my lungs - just because! - and no one will hear me, or even care. :D The country truly is the place to live!

    You write too? That's wonderful! :D I've visited David's blog before, too. Sounds like you two will put together something awesome. :D I'm planning on writing my first novel in 2012, actually! It shall be exciting and challenging, I'm sure. :D

  5. Believe me...if I ever make it to Australia, I will look you up :)

    What is the theme for your novel? See...this was our predicament. I can't come up with intriguing story plots, and David totally can. So, he came up with a plot and we are both writing a book off of his idea. We aren't going to read each other's books until we're finished, and then we'll critique and combine. It's fun :)

  6. I have a couple of plots in mind for my novel, but I'm not sure which one to go for, yet! One is a thriller, and the other is more of a thought-provoker. That's a great idea that you both write a book off the same plot! Brilliant! Especially since you're both sure to write something a little different to each other. :D I'd imagine it would be a lot of fun.

  7. The one we're working on is kind of a thriller and a thought-provoker. It has to do with what the Bible says about how much the government should be involved in the lives of the people. And, yes, or two books will be very different :) We think very differently sometimes.....

    When David wrote the plot, he didn't give me too many details because he wants mine to be original to me. We'll see. It is fun, though!

  8. Thriller/thought-provoker? Government? It has the makings of something epic in my mind! :D I'd be interested to see what you both come up with in the end. :D

  9. If it ever turns out how we're wanting it, I, for one, would love to publish it. I don't know what David thinks about that....

    It's pretty neat. I'm excited :) Thanks for the encouragement!!

  10. Well if you publish it, you will definitely have a customer in Australia! ;) :D

  11. You're sweet! Don't worry....everyone I've ever had contact with will know if I get a book published :D


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