Announcing Rambletionals Blog

It came to my realization that posting rambly devotionals on my blog was merely going to flood my entire blog with my Scripture ramblings. Since my blog is a place consisting of far more than just my daily Bible readings, I didn't want to do that. Neither did I want to abandon the idea.

Then what did I do?

Made a new blog of course! (I'm a blogaholic, what can I say? It's free!)

So! If you are still interested in reading my rambly daily devotionals, please go to over to this link to visit my ramblings' brand new home:

(optional "follow" button, in case you like it that much. ;D)

Let me know what you think!

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  1. I like it that much. ;)

    (or rather, enough to follow by email, but you get the point XD)

    1. I'm honored my Twinnie likes it that much! ^_^


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