Awesome Stuffses, May/June 2012

I found lots of awesome stuffses these last month/s. It's one of the amazing things about knowing a lot of awesome people on the web, because they know a lot of awesome people, and then they share the awesome stuff they found, and they share it with their friends, and then somehow it all winds up in my Google+ stream where I can then stick it all in my awesome stuffses blog post. Awesome, aint it?

Why Bother With Mother's Day? - Some very good thoughts by Gabriel Hudelson. Do we see beyond the simple (precious) fact that our mothers love us, anymore?  Do we see the immense power that lies in the hands of faithful mothers?  Do we fully understand the earth-shattering ramifications of the well-worn adage that "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world"?  Do we treasure the awesome calling of running a home?

Things Not Worth Complaining About - A short but very true post on a young lady's blog that I found through a friend on Google+.

Top 5 Things I Dread About Church - From my introverted point of view, I identified with a few of these points, and found it both humorous and insightful.

Direct the Viewer with Faces and Eyes - A brilliant article with awesome illustrations on the composition of your drawing/art by Matthew Sample. I loved this!

The God Debate - A news transcript of a debate between an athiest (Sam Harris) and a Christian. (Rick Warren) I found it highly entertaining and intriguing to hear both sides, and the closing comment is one worth reading the entire debate for: We're both betting. He's betting his life that he's right. I'm betting my life that Jesus was not a liar. When we die, if he's right, I've lost nothing. If I'm right, he's lost everything. I'm not willing to make that gamble. - Rick Warren

REVIEW: The Hunger Games - A very well thought out and well written review of the highly controversial "Hunger Games" movie by Gabriel Hudelson. I very much appreciated his point of view on the subject.

Plastic Lives - I very deeply appreciated this young lady's post. I would love to see this authenticity more in the people around me. I especially liked this part: We don't have to take a prepackaged Christianity trimmed with man-made dogma and devoid of truth: we can dig into the Word ourselves and experience God ourselves and live for Jesus ourselves.

Where in the World is Prince Charming? - I loved this post of Lisa's! It came at one of the very rare moments when I truly needed reminding and it was just like a hug from God. So good!

The Dangers of Homeschooling -

Ever since I first saw Braden's video thread on HolyWorlds, I have become a huge fan of Broken Lens Production's videos! They are hilarious, and this one is no exception! If you're a homeschooler, or know a homeschooler, you have to watch it. Now.

Teach Me to Fly - The pain and tears that go into writing are so real, and I'm so grateful to my dear Aubrey "Philly" Hansen for sharing her thoughts on it in this article. Writing is such hard work, that I haven't even scratched the surface of yet, but when I see the beautiful works that God has created through you, my friend, I know it is definitely worth it. xo

Death and Life - Beautiful poem/thoughts on dying to self by Carissa. You don’t see what God saw when He had the idea for you. What He knows you’ll become at the end of the story. You don’t see, quite, the glow He had–has–in His eyes when He looked at you. You didn’t see His joy when your long-dead spirit finally accepted His life and became new.

Friends May Fail Us - A good reminder and thought provoking post from Miss Raquel on how God truly is the only one we can depend on through every season of life.

Waiting for Diamonds - Another gem (not punny) of a poem by the "insanely awesome" Andrew Joyce. Andrew really has a gift for portraying meaning through amazing metaphors, and this one is most beautiful.

Spankings and Socialism - Gabriel Hudelson again. I love that he hits on tough topics and dives deep with them on his blog. This post hits on what the Bible says about spanking, and the way the world is going in regard to the lack of it.

Amazing Grace Medley On Violin -

This was shared with me on Google+ and it is soooo beautiful! I must learn how to play it... sometime... in the next century...

Why You Should Listen to Jordan Smith & The Truth About Jordan Smith - In case nobody has caught on by now, if Philly wrote it, I love it. End of story. I love her snarky sense of humour, the whole pattern of her writing - okay I'll [/rant] here. However! If you're a writer, you should definitely check out these two articles. The first was written quite some time ago, but I only just found it today, so therefore I declare it new and recent. Jordan Smith obviously has so much wisdom to share on loglines that Philly has learnt from, and I have spent the morning trying to absorb it all. I suggest if you are a writer, you do the same!

Songs of the Month/s:

Hands - Jewel

Victory of Grace - City Church, Brisbane

Pictures of the Month/s:

And that's a wrap for the last two months! 
Enjoy slogging your way through all the awesomeness. ;)

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  1. That homeschooled video is AWESOME. SO TOTALLY.
    I LOVE those guys.
    School shootings - for us that's when a spider runs across the floor and a airsoft gun is required to vanquish the intruder.
    Or when a Rabbit suddenly meanders into contraband territory in the front yard and must be but to death - instantly.
    And then you have a biology project of gutting and skinning to top things off with!
    Hysterical "epic fail"

    1. Agreed! I love it! I show to anyone who will sit still long enough to watch it! :D

      Our school shootings sound very much the same as yours. :D Only usually it's our dog that ends up finishing the biology lesson for us. ;)

      Agreed on the epic fail, too! :D

  2. Aussie, you really need to be careful when you pack so much awesomeness into one post. It can be too much for people - maybe put a disclaimer or something? You don't want to overwhelm those with weak constitutions. *winks to show she is teasing*

    *is dumbstruck over the niceness of Aussie's references to her blog and can only hug Aussie in response*

    1. You are quite right, I should post a disclaimer in there saying people should take extra vitamin supplements or something before reading in case they hyperventilate... Good advice. *nods sagely* However it's partly my fault because if I had posted last month's on it's own instead of making a double post, it would not have been quite so overwhelming... will bear it in mind for next time. ;)

      *grin* I loves Philly's blog, and I very muchly loves Philly, therefore I share said awesomeness here. ;) :D

  3. Wow! Didn't expect to see my article on here!! Thanks!!

    That homeschooling video is a riot. I've seen their writing a novel in 3 days movie...hilarious. I love that guy!!!! SO funny!!!!!!

    1. *grins* Thank *you* for writing it! :D

      I know, it's hilarious! And the novel in 3 days... :rofl!: That cracked me up!! I can't wait to see what they come up with next! :D


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