Seasons' Memories - Spring

Whoever the first person was who referred to spring as “waking up”, they were one hundred percent right. It’s like the whole world blinks, rubs its eyes, and when it opens them, the bright sunlight makes them squint. You never see spring coming. One day you’ll walk outside and exclaim with delight that the liquid amber tree has green buds all over its branches. The lawn starts to shoot with new growth, and the paddocks in around the countryside become tinged with a green fuzz of spring grass.

The days become longer, and although the nights are still cold, the air holds a warmth that had been missing all winter long. Blankets are pealed back off beds, windows are opened, and the warm earthy smell of spring wafts through the house, clearing the air of winter’s stuffiness. Birds return to the trees, and the sound of their singing fills the air. Walking outside once again becomes a joy, as bare feet appreciate the warm ground and the constriction of winter clothes are no longer a hindrance.

Spring winds are not so welcome. Gales blow for days on end after every spit of rain. It’s almost as though it is trying to drive every memory of winter away, and remind us of the hot winds of summer to come. When the southerly blows however, it carries warmth, and the promise of long, breathless days.

The fire in the fireplace eventually dies, it becoming too warm for its heat. It is then cleaned of ash, and dusted out; empty and waiting for the next winter to come.

Our adventurous spirit re-awakens, as we find we can now do things outside. Tree climbing is a must, the warm weather now allows our fingers to curl around the branches with confidence, instead of the numbed cold in winter where you always doubt your grip. Ball games return, and bicycles abound. With the new season come new ideas for childish inventions or outdoor games.

With the lengthening days, we find we are now able to run outside and play directly after tea. The setting sun returning to its rightful summer placing in the sky, and it chases our shadows about as we play.

The skies are clear and sapphire blue, the air moist and clean, and the grass new and green. The brief stint of beautiful, clear weather is like the pause before a storm; the quiet break in life, before another summer comes again.

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  1. As usual, the description of the season was very vivid and enjoyable to read. :)

  2. Thankyou, Jonathan, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Even if it was a bit short. ;)


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