100th Post

Celebrating -

ten fun-filled months of blogging, 

twenty-eight awesome followers,

three hundred and ninety-four pages of comments,

first writing competition,

one page's high of ninety-two views,

one hundred and sixty-five referrals from HolyWorlds,

eighty-five people who were brave enough to view my "about" page,

fifteen hundred and two page views from Firefox users,

eleven hundred and fifty-eight from Internet Explorer users,

seven hundred and sixty from Chrome users,

three thousand, two hundred and sixty-one from Windows users,

five hundred and fifteen from Macintosh users,

two from Samsung users,

two thousand, seven hundred and fifty-one page views from the USA,

seven hundred and ninety-three page views from Australia,

forty-eight page views from the UK,

seven page views from Denmark,
(I don't know anyone who lives in Denmark)


100 blog posts.

Thankyou to all my wonderful readers! You make blogging worth it. :D

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  1. cool! 100 posts! keep on the good writing!

  2. Congratulations, BushMaid! :) I look forward to many more posts.

  3. Thankyou,Jonathan! :D You'll be sure to see a lot more to come. :D

  4. Congrats, congrats, congrats! :D I recently passed the 12-month mark on my own blog. There's certainly a feeling of accomplishment, isn't there? :D

  5. Congratulations on reaching 100! I'm so glad I found your blog and will for sure continue reading for the next 100! :D

  6. Thankyou Corey! :D Yes, it's most definitely a satisfying feeling! :D

    Thankyou dear Grace! :D It's an honour to have you read my blog. :D

  7. *squeals and claps wildly for Bushy* :D

  8. *squeals and grabs Bush in a bear-hug* Woo!!! Good job, Jas! How exciting!!

  9. *bearhugs back excitedly* Thankyou my awesome Bek!! T'is exciting! :D


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