PA: Promoting Awesomeness

Peter's AngelI couldn't pass up that title. It can't be merely ironic that "promoting awesomeness" has the same initials as "Peter's Angel", now can it?

I don't believe so.

This post is solely for the purpose of promoting a new book written by a dear friend of mine. I think you all know her by now: my beloved Philly. Though I was not a beta reader for this, her masterpiece, I have been watching Philly's journey to complete this book with nothing short of pure awe. She made no secret of what a challenge this book was to write. In fact, the word "challenge" barely covers it. She came so close to giving up, stumbled so many times, overcame countless obstacles, and against all the odds this story threw her way, Philly came out victorious.

And today is the result of that victory.

Peter's Angel has officially been released to the world today... "and the crowd goes wild!" So many of us HWers have been waiting with bated breath for this day, and our joy knows no bounds for us all to see our beloved Philly achieve her goal. I'm really having trouble explaining how I feel right here. I guess the biggest feeling I'm experiencing right now is pride. I'm so intensely proud of Philly for sticking at it, and working so hard at the story God gave her to write.

As a writer myself, though one who hasn't yet attempted to achieve the monumental in writing a book, I know the work that goes into publishing. It's a journey I can't begin to explain, and to have had the privilege of watching Philly's, truly... I can only look up to her and salute.

I'm eagerly anticipating PA arriving in my mailbox. Because to finally have this story in my hands...

I know I'm holding much, much more than a book.

Hats off to you, mon Philly. xo


And no. I'm not telling you what it's about. You know how awesome it is already, go check it out yourself! The buy button is the big shiny one. Click it. (you know you want to)

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    1. I agree. ;) Thanks for commenting, Jonathan!

  2. *stares at the title* Oh, seriously... *insert HW :rofl: smilie here*

    I don't know what to say... except that I love you, mon Aussie, and this post means so much to me. Thank you for it, for being a friend, and for everything else! *hugs*

    1. *can only smile and hug back* :D Love you too, mon Philly. :D

  3. I've awarded you. Go to my latest post titled An Award.



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