My siblings and I formed an unofficial band under our surname, and made an attempt to record some songs amongst our jamming in the garage. We play a lot of covers together, but have tried to put together a few originals. You can see what we've got up to if you follow these links:
YouTube, Google+, Instagram.

To hear the first song we ever wrote and recorded, click the album:

Also, feel free to visit my brother and I on SoundCloud.

Below is the first album we recorded with our church.


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Subject Songlist - Encouragement

Subject Songlist - Amazing Grace

Music to Novel By

The Lord is King - Colin Buchanan

Keith's Piano Prelude - Keith Green (Cover)

Keith's Piano Prelude + Create in Me a Clean Heart - Keith Green (Cover)

Smokey Mountain Lullaby - Tommy Emmanuel (Chet Atkins)

Up is Down - (Cover)

Mombasa - Tommy Emmanuel

And So It Goes - (Billy Joel) Tommy Emmanuel

Rushing Wind - Keith Green (Cover)

I Can't Believe it - Keith Green (Cover)

Hearts Made of Stone - Dion DiMucci

Introducing... (My brother and his Guitar)

A Song for the Journey

Let There Be Music