What You Leave Behind

I have recently been acquainted with the blog of a young man by the name of Joshua Eddy. I am a follower of Miss Raquel's blog, which is where I first discovered the existence of this amazing man of God. (Through a bizarre chain of events, I recently found myself talking to his sister Mariah on NaNoWriMo) His life was tragically stolen from the world by a drowning accident a few short weeks ago, yet the impact his words have made on my life and the lives of many others through his blog is profound.

It has led me to ponder. Legacies. What are they to you? Are they a grand monetary inheritance that you leave to grandchildren? A photo album? A box of trinkets? A word of wisdom?

What about a life?

I plan on living to a ripe old age, but I wonder: will the legacy I leave behind match my years? In the short amount of time the world had Josh, he was an impact. But not only that, he still is alive today through what he left behind on his blog, and in the memory of his life. And by his words, the unsaved may come to be saved. By his family's witness of him, the lost may be found. When you arrive in heaven, do you want to come with a handful of cash, or an armful of souls? I know the answer is obvious, but it is the hardest to live out.

The truth of the matter is: life is short, no matter how long you live. The other day I was a six-year-old filling the sandpit up with water in the middle of summer with my two brothers. But then I blinked. Now I'm a twenty-year-old sitting at my computer with this sombre thought on my mind. Have I made the most of that time between blinks? Have I made a scratch in the surface of what we know as the lost world? Is what I have done enough? I regret to say that it isn't. I - like many others - have wasted moments when I could have been a blessing. Wasted times I could have spoken a word of encouragement. Wasted seconds when I could have smiled at someone. It could be the smallest thing that can save a life, which can then lead to saving a soul.

Will what I leave behind live on? Will my existence on this earth outlive me by the things I have done, said, and wrote? It is a heavy thought, because it takes time to think on: time none of us really have. It makes me think with chagrin of all the frivolities: the pointless conversations, the random comments, the idle writings that didn't achieve a thing. What if Josh had blogged all about his new camera, or what the weather was doing, or what his latest favourite movie was? What kind of impact would he have left behind? A mediocre and commonplace one, I would imagine.

In reality, he has left behind a vivid picture of who he is in Christ: a man who is chasing after God's heart, grounded in the Word, disciplining himself whilst challenging others. You can't buy that kind of legacy, and you don't find it in talking about what colour your new shoes are. I am so grateful to the Lord that He caused Josh Eddy to speak up about his faith and to create a lasting impression on the world through his writing.

What about those of us who are still forwarding the Kingdom of Heaven? Are we moving full steam ahead to make sure that what we leave behind will impact lives in a way that will win souls? We can never do enough, but can we do more? I believe we can. This is my prayer - that I will strive with every fibre of my being to leave God's mark everywhere He takes me; a mark that will outlive me to impact others for God for generations to come.

What about you? The clock is ticking...

Joshua EIn memory and gratitude of Joshua Eddy. Though I never knew you, thankyou for allowing myself and so many people be a witness to your witness of Christ, and for leaving a lasting impression of Him in all that you leave behind. 


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  1. Thank you so much for writing this post. I'm so glad that you've been blessed through Josh's life. His life (and death) have left behind an incredible impact on the world. I am so proud to be called his sister.

    May God bless you!!


    1. Thankyou for both reading and for commenting, Mariah. Your brother is an amazing blessing, and I am honoured to know you as his sister. Thankyou for sharing him with us. :)

      God be with you! <><

  2. Hi, this is Ariel... the one that recorded the song for Josh. (I was also on the hike with him :).) Thanks for posting about it. Thank you for the challenge as well. It's so encouraging to see how many people he is influencing. :)
    P.S. It annoys me when people comment saying "check out my blog!".... but I'm going to do just that. :P Just because I did kind of post about Josh a lot.

    1. Hello Ariel. :)

      Thankyou for reading, and for commenting. I'm so grateful that I was given the opportunity to know Josh, even if it was simply through the legacy he left.

      Thankyou for telling me about your blog. The more I read about Josh and the people he effected in his life, the more grief I feel on behalf of those he left behind. Praying for you all. :)

      God bless you.

  3. A very touching story.
    You are so right.


    1. Thankyou for reading, Rosie. :) xo


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