Awesome Stuffses: July 2012

Disclaimer: Contains deadly amount of awesomeness. Side effects may include, but are not limited to - giddiness, motion sickness, heartbreak, headaches, guilty conscience, laughing pains, tears, sweat, memories, and tired eyes.

You've been warned.

Seriously though, I have found so much good stuff the last month. Even if you just skim read some of it, do check it out. It will be worth it.

Are Christians Commanded to Kill Unbelievers? - A thought provoking article by a friend on a viewpoint I had never heard of before. Very interesting.

Film Review: The Avengers - A very good review of the popular Avengers movie. I quite liked the movie, and found this review to ring true with my opinion of it.

The Courage to Put Away Our Cameras - I found this through Andrew Joyce's Google+ stream, and I thought it was very inspiring. It's amazing how much we begin to rely on the here and now of today's technology.

Are We Worshipping Right? - A post from Mary-Lu Tyndall's blog that I found mind-stirring to read after having been studying this topic for some time now.

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man - Thankyou to Miss Raquel for this review, for it's the one that made me go see the movie!

God of Relationship - Awesome thoughts from a friend of mine on how God works in marriage relationships. I have always found Luke's articles and stories to be quite engrossing and enlightening.

People People - By now you should realize that I am quite a fan of Andrew's writing and should jump at the chance to read this post. Good thoughts on how many of us can use our introvertedness as an excuse to respond in a less than Godly manner.

What *Not* to say to your Photographer - I loved this! As a photographer some of the questions had me groaning!

Reasons Why I Carry a Gun - I've gotta say, Corey posts some pretty interesting stuff on his blog, and this one is no exception. Both funny and true, I wish I lived somewhere where carrying guns is permissible! 

When it Hurts to Keep Your Word - Andrew again. Good thoughts on how we should keep our word, even to our own detriment. 

Seeing the Face of God - Wow. I barely know Ariel but I feel like I know her so well... I have had my heart break so many times reading her blog, but this post is flooringly inspiring. 

Your Publisher Can't Save You - Awesome tips from my Philliness on things that your publisher just cannot save you from. If you're a writer, go read it. 

Movie Review: Courageous - Having recently seen and greatly enjoyed the movie "Courageous" I appreciated this apt review of it by Jonathan. 

The Gift - This is tear-jerkingly beautiful. Very touching post from Gabriel Hudelson.

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"There are two types of faith: faith by tackling mountains, and faith by not tackling molehills." - my friend Brendan

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  1. Thank you for the (double) mention, Bush. I'm honored :)


    1. You're welcome, Andrew. You know how much I appreciate you blog. :D

  2. Awesome, indeed. And thanks for including me in the mix. Much obliged. :)

  3. That was a nice big list. :D Thank you for sharing two of my posts.

    1. T'was a monstrous list. o.O And you're welcome Jonathan, thank you for reading. :D

  4. I love when you post these!! You may be inspiring me to do something similar....

    :D Glad you found that little photographer's joke amusing!!

    1. If you do something similar, I'll definitely want to read it! I'm glad to hear that you like it when I post these. :D I love the photographer's joke!!

      Thanks for reading, Lisa!


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