Awesome Stuffses: August/September

It's that time again, folks! Lots of awesome stuffs, since I missed a month. Hold onto your hat. This could take a while...

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This - This short story shared by my penfriend Bethany is nothing short of flooring. What an inspirational witness of Christ's love.

Dear Sweet Girl Who Doesn't Think She's Beautiful - A touching guest post on Miss Raquel's blog to the beautiful girls of the world who don't know it. 

I Kissed Dating Goodbye (book review) - A very concise review of Joshua Harris' popular book by Andrew Joyce, which I greatly appreciated. He has made me want to go read it now.

That Kind of Woman - What kind of woman in Christ do I want to be? This kind of woman. Thanks to Lisa for sharing these awesome points to aspire to!

People Ask Me, or More Semi-Serious Randomonium - And it's previous post. I seriously got a huge kick out of these snarky posts. I'm actually thinking of memorizing some of these responses to said questions and carrying a camera to capture the reactions to them. 

Everyday Life - This post really spoke to me, as often I allow the everyday things of life to frustrate and annoy me. Moriah's post was such a good reminder for me. Here’s something to remember: There is something beautiful in every moment. So let’s try to find out just what that gift is.

Focus - Yet another very good post by Andrew Joyce on digging deeper for things of worth rather than gleaning from the surface of technology's media. Ironic really that I should be sharing it through a blog post...

A Lost Man at Night - A short story by the amazing Luke Alistar that I really liked. Luke's style of writing is so catchy to read!

Seeing - By the lovely J. Grace Pennington. I loved this sweet simple post that took you  into the world of microscopic detail. 

Happily Ever After - A sobering post by Gabriel Hudelson about the state of American economy that transcends equally to Australia as well. The caustic humour puts into light just how flawed government systems are.

Tapestry of Life - Awesome, awesome post of Andrew's. Have you ever experienced God's raw love, just a taste of it; a glimmering glimpse, and breath on the wind? All I know is that my pathetic dreams, my few tiny glimpses, can’t hold a candle to what God has in store. His fingerprints and love are woven through every bit of the tapestry. When you begin to grasp…it’s as if all of your life you’ve been in the dark and now you emerge in the brilliant, glimmering, glorious light!

The Path - Very thought-provoking, pondersome post by Ariel on how we should take the path of life. I got a lot out of this one.

People Who Cry - A beautiful and moving post by Gracie on how one should reflect their hearts in their writing.

Sanitaryum - A website I recently discovered that is dedicated to clean humour. Woot! If you ever need a laugh, I highly recommend this site. 


Cactus hug? No?

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  1. What a lot of awesome stuffses! *blushes a bit at finding her site in there twice, and smiles* Thank you for including me, my Bush. :)

    1. You're welcome, my Gracie! Thankyou for writing such awesome stuffses! :D


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