Ok, so I guess I should probably explain that incomprehensible title. I am excited! Why? Because a very good friend of mine from HolyWorlds is about to publish her first book! I had the great honour and pleasure of being a test reader for Aubrey Hansen's book, "Red Rain" which is due to release tomorrow.

And it gets better! I have pre-ordered a signed copy! *cue the happy spazzy dance all the way around the room*

So! This is only a short post, but if you would like to learn more about this wonderful book and its awesome author, head on over to her blog, and visit the "Red Rain" page!

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  1. I am getting an amazing kick out of the title.

    Aussie, if you keep doing delightful, surprising, and hilarious things like this, one day you are going to kill me with a combination of laughter and awe! You're awesome, and I can't tell you how much help you've been!


  2. Looking forward to reading this book. Sci-fi rocks, and it rocks even more when it's well-written and is being used for the glory of Christ.

  3. *grins*

    Don't you dare die on me Philly, who else will I be able to make laugh and who would put up with my over-the-top excitement? ;)I'm thrilled to have had the honour of following your journey to publishing so closely. You're such a blessing, Philly dear!

    *cuddles cupcakes*

  4. You're right, Corey. It's a great book, you will enjoy it when you get to read it. :)

  5. I just found your blog and I really like it!

  6. @Rachel: Thankyou! :D

    @Bek: You can hear the new audiobook at Philly's website for free, Bek! :D


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