Fob Watch Photos

Where we often go on holidays, there is a antiques shop just a few yards up the road that we frequently walk over to visit. It is absolutely packed with every kind of antique collectible you could think of from Coka Cola yoyos, to antique egg-beaters. A lovely couple run it and are always happy to see us, and it's a pleasant place to browse or read through their book collection.

Amazingly, there is always something new there. So this weekend when we dropped in to visit, I excitedly called my brothers to "Come look!" at some items that weren't there last time: a tray of fob watches! They all looked antique, like the real deal, only they ran on batteries. They were so pretty, we picked up each one and opened them, locking the lids back down and moving on to the next. Me being the hopeless antique lover that I am, I couldn't help myself: I bought one. I also bought one for my brother, and getting home we just sat for hours admiring our new fob watches that weren't even working yet, because they didn't have any batteries.

When we got home, we bought some batteries from the chemist (pharmacy, for the Americans) and sat down on a bench in the middle of the mall to put the batteries in. Unfortunately, the hands on mine spun loosely, and could not tell the time. However Dad was able to fix it that night, and I can now happily tell the time.

I decided to take some photos of it; thinking when I bought it that it would make some lovely artistic photos. I thought I would share them here.

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  1. Lovely! :P I love it! And it was great talking to you today!
    Oh, I completed the tag-thingamy. :) (What are they called, anyway?) AND I can't comment on your other blog!?!

  2. Thanks, Becky! You'll have to look at it when you visit. ;) Was lovely talking to you too! Thanks so much for ringing! *scurries to check Bek's blog*

    I've no idea why you can't comment on my other blog... *frowns* I'll have to figure that out...

  3. Oh, I'm with you on this one. I love all things vintage! And these photos are lovely... especially the second. Would you allow me to borrow it for my blog if I credit you and link back to your site?

  4. Thankyou Philly! And of course; feel free to use any of these photos anywhere! :D I'm glad you like them!


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