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(More music, sorry!) Music is a huge part of my life, and when one loves music so much it is inevitable that you come across some songs every now and then that mirror your character, your thinking, and your life. So - this post is on theme songs. True to BushMaid fashion, one is never enough, so I am posting a few. These are the songs that best relate to my character. (and are also songs I happen to love!)

Taking my Time - Dente/Ashton/Becker

This song gives me peace and encouragement when I feel the world trying to pull me in the wrong direction, in the form of things relatives tell me, or what the general public think the right thing to do is. It reminds me that there is no need to rush; no need to hurry, the big things in store for my life will happen in God's timing, and there is no way that I can miss it. 

Speak to the Sky - Rick Springfield

Who hasn't talked to the sky at one point? In low points in life it's amazing what a starry night sky can do to lift your spirits. It reminds me of a quote from the book "Carry On, Mr Bowditch"... "I shall raise my eyes unto the stars... sometimes looking at the stars can shrink your problems down to size." Knowing God is behind the stars listening to my every cry is one of the most comforting things. The things I like so much about this song is how the tune is so happy in the midst of trouble. (*likes to be cheerful*)Also the lyrics "Speak to the sky and tell you how I feel; and I know, sometimes what I say aint right - but it's alright, 'cause I speak to the sky every night" reads like, "even though you can't always put into the right words how you feel, it doesn't matter because God is behind the sky listening and understanding". So much I can read from one song!

All I Ever Have to Be - Amy Grant

The reason I love this song is because there are times it feels like you do everything wrong. When you are surrounded by Christian faces and you aren't fitting in. As though, there is something about yourself you need to change for you to fit in with other believers. It took me a while to learn that, all I have to be is "me". And every time I hear this song, it reminds me of the fact.

Here Comes the Sun - Sheryl Crow

And this song because it be happy! I love a happy song! 

So there you have it. Four songs that best describe me! 

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  1. Hello darling! I have been a terrible reader lately, haven't I? *blushes* What a lovely post! Thank you! I have a heap of music I want to post as well... gotta love YouTube. :)
    Talk to you soon! xox

  2. *hugs Becky* Never! You're a wonderful reader! I'm glad you liked this post! Yes, -definitely- gotta love YouTube! :D


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