Music and Memories - Drabble

I thought I would try writing a drabble that was more true to life.

Music and Memories
By BushMaid
The strains of music floating from my aunt’s music box held haunting memories of a past unknown to me. Strange that I should have such a connection with a relative I never knew. My aunty died before I was born, yet everyone noted how similar I was to her: in my looks, my way of speaking, my character. It seemed only fitting that I was given her signet ring. I twisted it on my finger, listening to the slowing notes tinkling from the music box; haunting memories of a life lost so young... a life I never got to know.

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  1. That is a very effective drabble. So many things are captured in only 100 words.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. You're right; it is amazing what can be done in just a 100 words. :D


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