Stickybeaks - Poem

With Autumn comes less pleasant things...

By BushMaid
Stickybeaks! They're everywhere:
Sticking to clothes, socks, and hair!
Autumn's coming brings this plant,
Get rid of it? No you can't!
Dandilion filled with spikes,
Pesky weed that no one likes!
Through long grasses where we walk
All our clothes your claws do stalk.
Reaching out, clinging bristles,
Nasty thing, worse then thistles!
Laughing at us, we bemoan
Straying places where you've grown.
Hours spent extracting you,
From every shirt, sock and shoe!
Black and prickly spines so bold,
The sight makes our blood run cold.
Children do not wander there!
The Stickybeaks will ensnare.
Flee the spikes, stay away -
Go walking another day!

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  1. Funny poem. I've encountered similar plants.

  2. I've never seen a plant like it. Does it grow only in Australia?

  3. Thanks. :D This one is a real pest here. It's also called Cobbler's Pegs, and (bizarrely) Farmer's Friend. "Friend" must refer to it being far too friendly! :D

  4. @Sui: Not sure... it may only grow in Australia, but I could be wrong.


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