Dream of the Crown - Poem

I shouldn't start long poems late at night. It's dangerous. I lie in bed gripping a notebook in one hand, a pen in the other, eyes straining to stay open, scrambled brain trying to cough up lines that rhyme. But for some strange reason, I am often inspired late at night, and I am drawn to my spiral bound book lying tempting on my bedside table. I cannot resist the urge to finish it once I've started either. So by 11:30pm my foggy head finally registers the poem is finished, and I can finally unpry my rigid fingers from around the pen and go to sleep. However in the light of morning, I'm always quietly pleased I stuck at it. Here is the fruits of my weekend's late night writing.

Dream of the Crown
By BushMaid
Pose for the mirror in white satin dress:
A little girl dreams of being Princess.
Lad stands on the beach and watches the tide,
Dreaming of his very own ship to ride.
Youthful girl musing on glory and fame;
A young man thinking of making his name.
A new mother watching her baby grow,
Father now waving; to work he must go.
All have had dreams that they wish to aspire,
Some soar high, or run aground in the mire.
For one to succeed, their trophy to hold-
A trophy worth more than silver or gold-
God's plan for our lives we all must embrace;
Running as though we will finish the race.
For glittering dreams of dresses in white
Will only come true if God thinks they're right.
For the plans He has for me and you
Are plans for a hope and a future too.
God knows the desires inside our heart
And when the time is right He will impart
The gifts He knows we so earnestly seek,
If we have learnt to be patient and meek.
For God's plans for us go way up above
Any tall lofty dreams we could think of.
He loves us more then words ever could say,
He guides our lives every step of the way.
So whether you're dreaming of fame and height,
Do not disregard the brightest of light.
For He never sleeps; He watches your life,
Guiding you through all misery and strife.
The Lord calls you, "Place your life in My hands-
Your blessings will be numbered as the sands."
The Lord God promises: will you not heed?
For His greatest plan is the one you need.
Though on dreams of royalty many frown,
I know someday God will give me a crown.
If you choose to follow God's dream for you,
You'll someday be a prince or princess too.

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  1. Wow, that was amazing. It gave me chills. So beautiful :)

  2. Thankyou so much, Faithy. I'm pleased you enjoyed it. :D

  3. Thankyou, my Bek! I'm glad you liked it! :D


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