Up is Down - Cover

I did this recording quite a while ago, but I thought I'd put it on here because I've since lost my touch on this song, and need to re-practise it. Apologies for it being upside down; hanging my video camera by its strap under a pile of books on top of the piano doesn't always work out the way I plan. Anyhow, enjoy! (Quality is bleh to keep internet quota usage down)

You can hear an infinitely better version of this song here. This person is amazing!

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  1. A flawless performance (as far as I can tell). Great job, keep up the good work! :) Now I need to learn this song...

  2. Thankyou, Evening! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it. (although there was one mistake in there somewhere...) Good luck learning it! I'm sure you'll do fine. :D


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