Ode to the Moon - Poem

I'm sorry, you must be quite over poetry by now, but I've been feeling very poetic of late, and you must take advantage of inspiration when it strikes. * smiles * To make up for it, I've posted some pictures with it!

Ode to the Moon
By BushMaid

Oh moon, where do you go all day?
Where is the place you hide away?
The wistful words you make me say,
As you so brightly shine.

So many times I talk to you,
When feeling down or feeling blue,
Seldom are my friends so true,
I wish that you were mine.

I wonder on what you have seen;
Where you are going, where you've been.
The fields you've washed with light so clean,
Filling the nighttime sky.

Are there others who gaze on thee?
Feeling lonely and small like me?
How many people do you see
As nighttime passes by?

I think of those who watch your face,
Ones invisible from my place,
Praying across the time and space
That to them, God is near.

Although I talk to you at night,
And smile at your cleansing light,
It's really God who's my delight 
And Him I hold most dear.

For God is near when I'm alone,
The seed of faith in me He's sown.
And through your light, His works are known
As you sail up above.

Slowly, softly, I fall asleep;
You watch on from the sky so deep.
God and the moon my vigil keep,
How awesome is God's love.

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  1. Very nice. The only line that didn't work for me is "Are there others who gaze on thee?" since the use of "thee" feels out of place.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. Hrm... yes, the "thee" kind of puts a twist in the rhyme, doesn't it? I may have to tweak that when I can think of another line that fits what it's trying to say.

  3. That was lovely! And I really like the pics! :)

  4. Thanks Bek! I'm glad you liked it! I liked the pics too, I found those nice ones after scouring the web. :D


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