Inspiration - Poem

Here is a poem that has a picture that corresponds with it slightly. I wrote the poem when I was bored, and I drew the picture to dedicate to my good friends that work at the Library.

By BushMaid

I stare at a white piece of paper so clean,
Dreaming of things that have never been seen.

Before my eyes things start to grow;
Clinging and springing on the page below:

A knight on a horse is galloping past;
Out flashes a race car, travelling fast.

A lady dancing in an old-fashioned gown,
A one-handed pirate wearing a frown.

A loud pistol shot, a civil war has begun;
Alien life forms in their ship on the run.

Figures from history leap from the page,
From every imaginable time and age;

Past to future, it sweeps me by-
Tales of love, adventure and lie;

Swiftly as came, the imaginations cease:
Leaving me the plain, simple white piece.

Only a piece of paper, that's all you can see-
Only a piece of paper? inspiration to me!

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  1. Wow, Bush, just wow! The poem is great, and I especially love the picture. The quotes are great, and you can see the characters just flying off the page. Amazing :)

  2. Thanks heaps, Aloha! And also thanks heaps for commenting, I really appreciate that. :)

    I'm glad you like the picture! You may have seen me post it on YWP once. It took a lot of time! And it was actually kinda hard to dig up all those quotes. :D

  3. Wow. That was amazing, Bush Maid.

  4. Thanks, Draagyn12! And hi to you from YWP! :D


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