Number of Years - Poem

Last night I couldn't get to sleep, my mind was way too busy; probably thinking how I was turning ancient today! Anyway, 10:30pm last night, I thought the only remedy would be to write a poem. So I did. *grins*

 Number of Years
By BushMaid

I'm sitting up; it's very late,
My mind just won't keep still.
I'm thinking of tomorrow's date-
Just up over the hill.

Birthdays are few and far between,
Mine comes on the morrow;
Farewell to year of sweet eighteen,
Parting is such sorrow.

Although the year had ups and downs,
It was a joy to live;
I'm thankful for more smiles then frowns-
Much easier to give.

I think of all my years of life,
At times they seem so few:
The wisdom learnt through joy and strife,
So little that I knew.

Then other times it seems to me,
My years are very long.
For adulthood from here I see-
For me it seems so wrong.

But now I say, "My heart, fear not!
Has God brought you thus far?"
For of years left I have a lot,
Life's door barely ajar.

With confidence now: face the day,
The Bible as my guide;
To lead my life in God's own way
With Jesus by my side.


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  1. Nice poem with a good message.

    I did see two mistakes. In the line "I'm thinking of tomorrows date-", it should be "tomorrow's", and in the line "So little I that I knew", the first "I" should be taken out.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. Oh, and thanks for pointing those out! *scurries back to edit*

  3. I love it, Bush! It was very encouraging.

    And happy birthday. :D

  4. Thankyou Shawn, I'm glad it encouraged you!

    And thankyou for the birthday wishes. :D

  5. Lovely! :) Happy Birthday! My goodness, 19!
    Getting old. *grins*

  6. Thanks Bek! And thankyou for ringing last night!
    *eyeroll* Yes, deary. Thankyou for reminding me of my ancientness!

  7. Happy (slightly early) birthday, Bush!!! Here's to the past 19 years and the decades to come :) God's using you in powerful ways, and I can't wait to see where He'll take you by the time you're twenty!

    I love this poem, as well as the short story you posted earlier. They're inspiring, and your word choice, prose, and poetry astounds me in its beauty and graceful transitions.

  8. Aww! *sniffle* You nearly made me teary, Aloha! Thankyou for your lovely comments! You are such a sweety and a blessing to me. :)

  9. Happy (Late?) Birthday! That was such a beautiful poem. I kind of get how you're feeling, it's kind of scary growing up. But with Heavenly Father by our side I know we can do it and anything else we try to do :)

  10. Thankyou so much, Faithy! *hugs* It's something really special to know how much the Lord cares about our lives, no matter how old we get.

    You're a blessing, Faithy. :) You're a wonderful daughter of the King.


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