Sweet Recollections - Poem

Before bed at night, I open my window to get some fresh air in the room. My bed is right up against the window sill, so as I kneel, I look right out into the dark, and feel the cool breeze. Autumn is here in Australia, and the night air is filled with the scent of smoke from burning off fires. It brings back happy memories of when my siblings and I were little. So, feeling in a poetic mood, I wrote a poem!

Sweet Recollections
By BushMaid

Pressing my hand against the pane,
I let my mind roam wild,
I think of all those days again;
The days I was a child.

The wafting smell of smoky air,
The Autumn scented breeze;
Brings memories of playing there,
And climbing tall gum trees.

Brothers - sisters - the games we played,
The thoughts of them return,
The forts we built, the toys we made,
So many things to learn.

We laughed, we joked, we ran and sang,
From sunrise to sunset.
The days in which our voices rang
Are days I won't forget.

Carefree, innocent, free of guile,
Money and troubles none.
All we gave was a happy smile
And reveled in our fun.

So many thoughts go through my head,
Thoughts of the life we had.
Now, a maturer path I tread,
The past still makes me glad.

Although I often wish to go
Relive the days of old,
The present time, in this I know,
Our hours are made of gold.

Though it's measured, it's never held,
Time moves on every day.
And as we age the time will meld,
And slowly fade away.

Returning to the here and now,
I quickly take a pause.
To stop and think, to ponder how
God blessed me without cause.

Deeply breathing cool night air,
And thanking God above,
For the many days out there
We lived, we laughed, we loved.

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  1. Great poem. I think that's your best one so far.

  2. Thankyou, Jonathan. :) I'm so glad you think so!

  3. This is beautiful. I especially like the message - the line "the past still makes me glad" was particularly impacting to me.

    And I know I've said this before, but your blog design is gorgeous. :)

  4. Thankyou so much for commenting, Philly! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it and it's message.

    And thankyou! I love having a blog to express the arty side of me! I think your blog is beautiful, too. :)


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