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Since I've been slack lately I haven't got any writing done. Shame on me. Anyway, I thought it was high time I did a post on music to novel by, chiefly movie scores (and the composers) and instrumental playing. I'm posting the music by artist, even though there are some artists that I only know a few of. I thought I'd post some photos too, since we rarely know what these people look like! So, here goes!

Tommy Emmanuel

I can't go past this epic guitarist. He is the only guitarist I listen to, is my favourite, and I met him. Hence, he gets pole on the grid! This guy can do anything; and deliver any feeling you need to listen to to get yourself in the right writing mood. Soulful, exciting, happy, gentle, blue, or climax sounding, he can do it all! Here are a few to show you what I mean:
Happy Hours
Ruby's Eyes
The Trails
Jack Magic

Hans Zimmer
Here is one we all know! Hans Zimmer is the master of film scores, and has supplied us authors with bountiful music tracks to boost our imaginations. Chief among his movie scores that I have found awesome and inspiring:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Prince of Egypt

Alan Silvestri
Another composer who isn't as well known as our Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri still has composed some pretty epic scores, including the well known theme from "Back to the Future". However my favourite would have to be the theme from "Forrest Gump". It has one of the most beautiful, pure, and touching melodies that you could ever hear, and it relates so well with Tom Hanks' character in the movie.

Back to the Future
Forrest Gump

James Horner
This one most of us should know. Apart from composing music from some of my much loved younger movies, such as "Balto" and "Jumunji", James Horner composed the sweeping soundtrack for "Titanic". He was also behind the score for "An American Tail".

An American Tail

Danny Elfman
Getting more obscure now. Danny Elfman has been known for composing music scores alongside the movies of Tim Burton. One of which that I enjoy the music from is "Edward Scissorhands", particularly the song "Ice Dance". This music has a mystical fantasy quality to it that makes it pretty. I also like some of the songs from a more recent version of "Charlotte's Web". I can't find the soundtrack for it on YouTube, but there is a beautiful song called "Ordinary Miracle" in it by Sarah McLachlan, so I'll post that instead.

Edward Scissorhands
Charlotte's Web

Randy Edelman
I'm now onto one artist per soundtrack so I'll skip out on the photos. * smiles * Randy Eldelman is the score composer to one of my favourite movies, "While You Were Sleeping". The music is so sweet and moving, along with really funny themes for hilarious parts in the movie.

While You Were Sleeping

Rachel Portman
I don't know much at all about this artist, except for her name. I love the score she wrote for the movie "Emma" though.


Trevor Rabin
Ok, so I didn't even know this guy's name, I had to look it up before I posted about the music! This guy just about mirrored Hans Zimmer with his score for the "National Treasure" duo. I was absolutely certain it was composed by Zimmer till I looked it up. Anyway, copycat or not, this soundtrack is epic. So full of espionage, it overflows with a spy theme aura. I love it!

National Treasure
National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Bruce Rowland
Last, but definitely, absolutely, never least, this composer takes the epic cake of movie scores. This man composed the music for "The Man from Snowy River", my all time very favourite movie. The music in this movie really tips the scale of sweeping. It's one of those rare scores that drag you into the movie, so that you feel a part of every emotion that is happening. Words cannot describe, so I will post it here:

The Man From Snowy River

And that wraps up my list of music to novel by! I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. As soon as I saw Hans Zimmer's name, I went "SPIRIT!!!!", then "Oh, he did Pirates, too? Neat." I still have every Spirit song memorized, and it was my favorite movie for seven years straight. I have two video games, the movie, the soundtrack, the shirt I've outgrown, a throw pillow, and three model horses based off the movie.

    I really like that movie. LOL. *has Get Off of My Back stuck in her head now*

    And as for Bruce Rowland, I'd actually never heard of him until about a month ago when we used one of the songs from Snowy River for a Holocaust presentation I spent weeks on--Rosemary's Recall, or something like that? I've heard that song at least two hundred times over the course of making that presentation XD It's really grown on me.

    Great post! It's always nice to find some new novelling music.

  2. Wow, you were one diehard Spirit fan, Aloha! :D I love Spirit too! It has an epic soundtrack! I love "Here I Am", and "Where I Belong"... ok, I love all of them! :D I think I have just about all the lyrics memorized as well!

    Ah, yes. Rosemary Recalls is the name of the song. It has a beautiful melody. Try "Jessica's Theme" by Bruce Rowland. I get chills listening to that one.

    Glad you enjoyed the post, Aloha! And thanks for commenting! :D

  3. I'll have to find the music from Spirit sometime
    soon! The music is beautiful...I didn't know Hans Zimmer composed it! :)
    Btw, love all the quotes down the side- and I agree. "You can't have an ostrich race with just one ostrich!" Great movie that...

  4. Yes, do find the music, Bek! Come to think of it, I should put it on my blog ipod, since the Spirit music is available on YouTube. *adds to to-do list*

    Glad you like the quotes! Tis an awesome movie, hey? ;) We watched it again just the other night! :D

  5. If I may recommend a few to add to the list- the Johns Powell and Williams. Try the score to Bolt or How To Train Your Dragon for a good taste of Powellian awesomeness, or Williams' Schindler's List for a soundtrack that will just about make you cry, while his Star Wars scores have some downright gorgeous bits and some downright epic bits. The Patriot was good too. Oh, and James Horner's Legends of the Fall- that one is beautiful.

    Anyway, now that I've recommended you to death, I shall say that you have some real good ones here. It shows that you have good taste. I approve. ;-)

    *reading your quotes*

    Ooh, you watched "Conspiracy Theory" too? I liked that one a good deal.

  6. Thankyou for your awesome long comment, Gabriel! :D

    I have heard of Powell and Williams before, but I have yet to listen to their music. However now that you have recommended those soundtracks, I will be sure to look them up, as I've heard from my parents that a few of those movies are very good. I didn't know that Horner composed the score for 'Legends of the Fall', I shall have to listen to that one also. Thankyou for your recommendations! I can't get enough good music. :D

    Wow, you approve? That is high praise coming from you, I am honoured! Thankyou! :D

    Yes, 'Conspiracy Theory' is one of my favourite movies. It is very good. *cough* I also quite like its soundtrack, too... ;)


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