Set Apart - Poem

Set Apart
By BushMaid

I'm different: I'm not like the rest.
I don't fit in, I'm strange at best.

A square peg forced in a round hole,
I do not fit: a lonely soul.

Though both a faith and God we share,
I can't see Him reflected there.

You love the world, and go its ways -
In how you dress, and spend your days.

At church I see your smiling face - 
My friend, where's your eternal place?

You live your life like it's your own,
With weeds, your heart is overgrown.

Hypocritical double life,
You cannot see it leads to strife.

On all sides I'm surrounded by
So called "Christians" living a lie.

I want to tell you what is true -
Oh help me God! What can I do?

So friendless and alone I feel,
I know of none who share my zeal.

I stand alone, so brave and strong,
But strength grows weak as time grows long.

My searching eyes, fatigued, grow dim:
I'm desperate to see more of Him.

For someone else who feels the same!
Who wants to learn more of His name.

For some who travel the same road,
To share the journey; share the load. 

Who lives the light that they have found,
Who show God's love in sight and sound.

Who more like Jesus want to grow,
Not stooping to the world so low.

To shun the tempting lusts of earth,
And reach for things of greater worth.

To flee from evil's tempting claws,
And strive to follow all God's laws.

To seek His truth and shine His light:
I wish for this with all my might.

Can it be I'm the only one,
Who wants to be more like His Son?

No, in my heart, I know there's more
Who've entered through Salvation's door;

Who strive for good along with me,
Though where they are, I cannot see.

Knowing that I'm not alone,
As I journey towards His Throne,

He walks with me; my Dearest Friend,
Who'll see me to the very end.

The Lord my God is always there -
My true Companion everywhere.

For it is He who guides my feet;
God's in control of whom I meet.

So, though alone I seem today,
My God is near me, all the way.

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  1. That's a wonderful poem, BushMaid, and one of your best. :)

  2. Thankyou for reading and your kind comment, Jonathan. :D I'm so very glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I agree, one of your best, Bushy. :) It flows very nicely and captures that feeling perfectly, while also reassuring that it's not true; we are not alone. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Thankyou, Grace! For reading and commenting. I'm glad you can always read the message in my poetry. :)

  5. This poem struck a chord with me, as I've often felt this way. Nice work. :D

    I've been behind in my blog reading for quite some time, and yours is one of the first I'm catching up on! :D

  6. Thankyou, Olivia! So lovely to find your comments! :D


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