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Ever since I have been introduced to the blogging world, I have come across the most amazing people who run the most amazing blogs. They are Godly, uplifting, inspiring, encouraging, challenging, laugh-inducing, intriguingly written, and the many articles, thoughts, and opinions they share have encouraged me greatly. So today I felt that I should do a blog post for a few of the ones that have made a great impression on me.

Here they are:

Sir Emeth's blog has inspired and challenged me in so many countless ways. Jay's thought-provoking articles on various aspects of Godly living, life and writing are challenging and enlightening at the same time. No matter what he writes about, I can always take something valuable away from his wisdom-filled blog posts.

My dear friend Philly's blog is the most delightful place! Her well-written, candid articles on everything from world building to common traits in Disney princesses are uplifting and inspiring in every way. Philly shares her talent in her Godly writing, and whether it is a short story, script or poem, her works are a joy to read!

Gabriel's blog is fantastic. It is a place of detailed and concise movie reviews, book reviews, and awe-inspiring music. Gabriel shares his incredible musical talent, along with his thoughts on different Scripture studies that both encourage and challenge. I thoroughly enjoy reading Gabriel's masterful posts.

Looking for a place that has honest, Godly reviews for books for the Christian reader? Look no further. When I found this blog, I was gobsmacked by it's awesomeness. Andrew has brought together an incredible team of book reviewers that put forth perfect quality in every review. If a book is recommended here, I would definitely trust the recommendation. I love this blog!

Miss Raquel's blog follows her journey through life as a daughter of the King. Her music and movie reviews, reflections, thoughts, articles, and quotes have been inspiring and encouraging to me since I have known her. Her joy in following the Lord, and His light within her, shines through every blog post. Her blog is always a joy to visit.

There are so many other blogs that I have the pleasure of following, but for now, I will end here. Thankyou to you all, for sharing such Godly quality with the world! You are bright lights for Him, and you have encouraged me very much. I appreciate your blogs, and am very grateful for the time you spend writing for them. God bless you all!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning ITB, Bush! :D


  2. My pleasure, Andrew! 'Tis awesome, it belongs there. :D

  3. *blushes* Thank you so much, Aussie dear!

    I shall second the recommendation of Gabriel's blog. :D

  4. Thank -you- my Philly! I love your blog! :D


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