Six Word Stories - Book Titles

Someone on HolyWorlds proposed a writing prompt called the Hemingway Challenge, based on a six word story written by Hemingway, which was:

For sale. Baby shoes. Never used.

I loved this challenge. It was so easy, and yet so complex a way of trying to write a story in a six word short sentence. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed participating it until I went through trying to collect all my stories. 50 stories and counting later, I thought maybe I should blog some. So here goes! These are some wacky book titles and notices.

Six Word Stories
By BushMaid

"Direction Guide" by North E. West.

"How I Did It" - Ima Published.

"Learn How to Read" - Churchill Iterate

"eBay for Dummies" - by I.B. Rich

Notice: Reading prohibited at all times.

For Sale: Chewing Gum. Used once.

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  1. I like the Notice one and the chewing gum one especially but they are all good. :)

  2. Thanks, Suiauthon! :D Not sure that person would get many buyers for their gum... :D


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