Keith's Piano Prelude - Cover

I thought I better stop dragging my feet and actually put something musical on here from my own hand, so here we are. This is Keith's Piano Prelude by Keith Green, the prelude to "Create in Me a Clean Heart". I didn't play the latter, as it's very sketchy at the moment.

The second I hit "Record" on my camera, I get distracted and I don't play as freely as I should. So I pray you: please ignore the multitude of mistakes! *makes face* Performing is not my strong point.


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  1. Nice. How did you upload it to your blog?

  2. Thanks. :) Blogger lets you upload videos the same way as photos. I changed the setting on my camera to a smaller file, and found a video converter and converted that to an even smaller file. It's not high quality, but you can still hear it and it doesn't take too much net space when I upload it. :)

  3. Aussie, that was brilliant! :D

    Sir Phillip

  4. Why, thankyou Sir Phillip! :D Thankyou so much for coming to visit my blog! What a nice surprise! :D

  5. You clever duck, Jas. I seriously need to practice more...

  6. Hehe! :D Same though, Becky, I should practise more too. :s my guitar has been getting more attention then the piano lately, hence a multitude of mistakes in this piece.


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