Call of the Sea - Poem

By the title of this poem, I guess you can tell where my family spent their holiday! The rolling waves at the beach and the endless horizon really is an incredible sight, and makes you very aware of our awesome God who made it all. It also inspires poetry when I'm sitting in the sand with an open notebook and pen!

Call of the Sea
By BushMaid

The ocean stretches to the sky
Where thunderclouds roll in;
Scudding the blue whilst blowing by,
Grey as a dolphin's fin.

Roaring - foaming - the crashing waves
Enclose upon the beach.
Overhead, seagulls wheel so brave
Only just out of reach.

The blowing breeze, so full and sweet,
The heavy salty air;
In winter's cold or summer's heat
The beach is always there.

The endless span of rolling sea,
So distant and surreal;
The frothy waves that foam with glee,
The different shades of teal.

The horizon calls unto me, "Come!"
It calls from the unknown.
Beckoning with a gentle hum
From land on which I've grown.

But still I wait with undecide;
Toes digging in the sand.
Should I leave with the running tide,
Forsaking my own land?

I make my choice as I observe
The waves that never cease.
I will await the God I serve
And He will give me peace. 


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  1. That was beautiful, Jas! I love it. :)
    Btw, did you take the photo?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Bek! No, I didn't take the photo, I found it on the web. Gorgeous though, isn't it? :D

  3. Very vividly written. Can you clarify the meaning of the last three verses?

    The line "But still I wait with undecide" seems like it should be "But still I wait, undecided".

  4. I'm a little vague in poetry at times. :) The last three verses are sort of referring to things that come our way; opportunities that arise that look good on the surface; or things we long for. The ocean seems to beckon with promises like these, but waiting on God's timing is always the best, and when we wait it brings peace. :)

    And yes, the word "undecide" doesn't exist. Since I'm an author I added another word to the English language. ;) The word I was looking for was "indecision" but it had way too many syllables to fit, as did "undecided", so I stuck with my ungrammatical nonexistent word. :D

  5. No worries. I should practise writing poetry that actually makes sense! :D Or at least know what I'm talking about instead of writing random lines that rhyme. *eyeroll* :D

  6. All the other poems on your blog make sense. Just the end of this one confused me. :)

  7. Well I hope it makes better sense now. :D


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