The Spider Under My Bed - Poem

This is for you, Jonathan. *winks and grins*

Yes, shocking, I drew a spider.

The Spider Under My Bed
By BushMaid

There's an awful scary spider hiding underneath my bed.
I cannot sleep, it's watching me, I wish that it were dead.

Its hairy, crawling, little legs I'm sure that I can hear:
A scratching, scrabbling, seeking sound; I know it's drawing near.

His pointed fangs a vicious grin as he hunts down his prey.
His glinting black and evil eyes I know look right this way.

What can I do? I can't escape without him seeing me.
For if I move, he may just bite and eat me for his tea.

But feeling brave, I take a risk and reach out for the light.
My lamp now on, I take a book and clutch it very tight.

Weapon ready, I leap from bed, to face my fearsome foe.
"Now spider! You must leave my bed, or down the sink you go!"

The spider blinked, and I blinked back, our duel was at a stall.
The spider - frozen where he stood, me - backed against the wall.

As seconds passed, I noticed something whilst I stood and stared.
The spider seemed to shiver there; could it be he was scared?

I realized just how small he was and how big I must look - 
A very tall and nasty beast who's wielding a book.

I felt a twinge of sympathy for him just hiding there.
It may be that he'd gotten lost, and hadn't worked out where.

The spider simply sat and gazed out from its sheltered place,
With what appeared a misery upon its tiny face.

I acted very quickly then, and took a paper piece
And slipped the spider onto it, all ready for release.

I opened up the window, and he didn't make a sound.
I lowered him quite gently till his legs, they touched the ground.

He glanced back at the window pane - Did I just see a wink?
Then scuttled off away from me - and from my kitchen sink.

I slowly climbed back into bed with much more peace of mind.
Though should another spider call, I may not be so kind.

Some spiders can be very nice, I know it has been said.
But I like them much better when they keep from near my bed!

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  1. Very amusing. ;) An excellent poem and picture. :)

    Minor note: Pray should be prey.

  2. *grins* I thought you would like it. :D Thanks Jonathan! And thanks for picking up on that, I shall edit it. :)

  3. *Laughs* This is funny, Bushy. :D I like it!


  4. Thankyou Mirza! I'm very glad you like it! :D

  5. Wow! Nice Aussie! I'm going to have to show this one to my dad. He doesn't write fiction, but he sure is a poet. ;)

  6. Thankyou Meaghan! Your Dad writes poetry? Awesome! I'll be nervous now having you show him mine... O.O

  7. This was good, though maybe the meter was off in a few lines :) It reminds me a bit of a time I was sleeping over at a friend's house, and there was a really big spider in the corner. I couldn't sleep for a long time because I was so afraid of it :D

  8. Thankyou Laura! The meter may be a little off in some places; however I've noticed that sometimes my Australian accent makes poetry flow a lot differently to an American accent, so it could be that as well.

    I know the feeling! I don't like knowing there's a spider creeping around my room when I'm trying to sleep!

  9. This poem is officially approved by the resident arachnophobe of Holy Worlds. ;) I love this! :D

    1. * laughs * Well I'm very glad it gets a pass of such a dedicated spider fan, Shawn! ;)


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