Tears in a Bottle - Manip

Here's a photomanipulation I did during some spare time on a verse I found intriguing.

You can also see it in the HolyWorlds Art Gallery. =)

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  1. Now *that* is cool, particularly the varied font styles. Great work.

  2. Well Jas - You know my complex relation to God or the one I believe or hope is God. But just let me tell you from all the e mails you've written and from what I've seen here I am just glad there are people in the world like you! And your family of course!

    Eventually got round to click the blog link this morning after rereading your last mail of August 4th. Got so much to tell and answer but will have to be at the concert hall in one hour for preparation of our concert tonight.

    Back soon via e mail

    Thanks for your words!


  3. Hello Tilman!

    So thrilled to find your comment! We've been wondering how you are. Thankyou for visiting my blog! :D

    I know your thoughts of God are unsure, but I'm so thankful that we are His work-in-progress; that He never gives up on us no matter what we think or feel. It's amazing that our God will not be turned away by anything we do or say. :)

    I hope your concert goes well, and we are looking forward to hearing from you in your next email!


  4. Thankyou Corey! :D And thankyou for your comment. :D

  5. This is very, very cool, Bushy. :D I don't remember having seen that verse before -- I wonder who snuck it in our Bibles? ;)

    And I thought you'd like to know that I was rolling on the floor laughing over some of your random quotes on the sidebar. :D

    ~ Grace

  6. Thankyou very much, Gracie! :D It's amazing the verses we don't remember having seen and then rediscover, isn't it? :D

    Haha!! I'm glad you enjoyed them! I had loads of fun collecting them for that very purpose! :D

    Love you! xo


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