Blessings Overflow - Poem

Blessings Overflow
By BushMaid

No words my tongue can find to voice,
No thoughts that I can say;
My heart so full I can't keep still -
God's praise I must display.

My cup so filled, it overflows - 
Such joy I can't believe.
These blessings great that fill my life,
I dared not hope receive.

Unworthiness! My soul cries out,
Of all that You bestow.
How is it that You think of me,
So way down here below?

Your glory I can't comprehend,
Your grace: can't bear to see:
Such mercy I can't understand
You pour out onto me.

There's no way I could find the words
Of gratefulness to say.
So on my knees I praise You, Lord,
For what You give this day.

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  1. Very, very good. This ranks up with your best poems. :)

  2. This is heartbreakingly beautiful, Bushy. And the rhythm is absolutely perfect! It was a delight to read, and very uplifting. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. Thankyou so much Grace, for both your comment and your thoughts. :) I'm so very blessed you enjoyed it. :)


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