My Burden - Poem

Some thoughts on paper. A late night and a heavy heart coupled with a blank notebook page creates things.

My Burden
By BushMaid

Lashing words that wound like darts,
Bruising looks and crushing hearts.

Bitter truths and hurtful plies,
Burdened souls and sorrowed eyes.

Cutting thoughts and biting acts,
Losing sight of friendship pacts.

Anger and hostility
No thought for humility. 

Sleepless nights of anguished tears,
Mourning for their hurting peers.

Trying to get through each day:
Aching heart - must stop and pray.

Stressful mind and worried frown,
Quivering lips with eyes cast down.

All afraid to show their face;
Scared to show each other grace.

Mighty Hand and Words of Life,
One I know can end this strife.

On my knees I wage a war - 
Knocking at my Master's door.

Ready with my Sword of Prayer,
I know God is working there.

Healing wounds that once did bleed,
Being all the help they need.

Mending hearts and lifting souls;
Fixing breaks and filling holes.

Look to Jesus and you'll see,
How a servant's heart should be.

Trusting Him with all my cares,
Knowing that He hears my prayers.

Prayers for hearts of purity,
Prayers for minds of unity.

Prayers for joy and prayers for peace;
Prayers that all discord would cease.

Psalm 133:1, Romans 15:5

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