My Friend - Poem

Most of my poems I write from my own experiences. I experienced this poem only yesterday on a day of glorious sunshine, clear skies, and silence as I walked down our driveway. Sometimes... you just know you aren't alone.

My Friend
By BushMaid

I have a friend who walks with me,
But no one knows He's there.
Through all my life He's been my guide,
He's with me everywhere.

I tell Him all my secret thoughts
That no one else will hear.
He carries all my heavy loads,
My worries, strifes, and fear.

He's happy when I'm feeling high,
Upset when I am low.
Still, when I'm in a horrid mood,
He's with me where I go.

From deepest pain to fullest joy,
My friend, He feels the same.
And when I fall, He carries me
And whispers me my name.

I don't deserve this friend of mine;
His love could never earn.
He gave His life that I might live,
And from His life may learn.

His Word it guides me through my life,
It keeps me safe from harm.
His wisdom speaks through every verse,
His peace through every Psalm.

Not everyone can comprehend
The love God has for all.
This love can save the blackest soul,
If they but heed His call.

I have a friend who walks with me,
And leads me by the hand.
A friend who loves me more than life
And by my side will stand.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful, from both a technical and content standpoint. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Your poetry is seemingly simple and yet profound. I always look forward to reading your poems. :)

  3. Thankyou so much, Philly. I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :) I love hearing your opinion on what I write.

    Thankyou, Jonathan! :) I always look forward to hearing your thoughts on my poetry. My poems mirror much of my own character; seemingly simple, and (at times) profound. :)


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