Call of the Unsaved Soul - Poem

Call of the Unsaved Soul
By BushMaid

Wailing, screaming, fearful cries -
Tormented by such pain:
Tearing, rending, wrenching sighs
I hate to hear again.

Indifferent, calm, silent face - 
Denying what I hear.
Life in order, all in place,
Denying all their fear.

Clear, transparent, see-through soul - 
It's crying out to me.
Fallen, buried, in a hole;
The light never to see.

Calling, moving, urging on - 
The Spirit bids me speak;
Of the saving, healing One,
The One I know you seek.

Thirsty, craving, desperate life - 
Your soul clings to the hope.
Of no more death, hurting, strife;
To thrive rather than cope.

Gruesome, bruising, bleeding death -
I tell of how He died.
Joyful, risen, living breath
Of God can live inside.

Truthful, loving, peaceful smile - 
You now are free to give.
Redeemed, saved, accepted child,
For Jesus you now live.

God's powerful, living voice -
Is calling us to share
His redemption, through a choice
That you can make through prayer.

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  1. Another good poem. I like the picture that goes with it, too.

  2. This one thanks to your help, Jonathan. :) I'm glad you like the picture! I found it on dA and did some editing of it.

  3. I like the rhythm/format on this one. :)

  4. Funny you should say that, Philly. It's a meter I'm not used to and I found it hard to make it gel. So I'm glad you think it works!


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