The Gift - Poem

The Gift
By BushMaid

God gave to me a gift to hold,
A gift you cannot see.
A gift worth more than any gold:
Precious it is to me.

This gift is one I learnt was true -
Truth taught by God above.
It’s one I wish to share with you
This gift He gave through love.

But many leave me standing there,
Just staring at the floor.
This truth I’ve found, I wish to share:
But many slam the door.

“If you only knew!” cries my heart,
My soul, it moans in pain.
If one would let me share my part;

My words not be in vain.

But oh, alas! It tortures me,
That no one cares to hear.
I cannot help you all to see,
I cannot make it clear.

I grieve for all your sightless eyes,
I fight for you in prayer.
That you no longer heed the lies
Which keep you in the snare.

Such utter helplessness I feel,
My soul, it aches for you.
I wish that you knew it was real;
That you knew it was true.

All I can do is sow the Word,
For I will never know:
Someday my voice just may be heard -
And seeds may start to grow.

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  1. A good poem with a good message. I like how you make every rhyme be exact.

  2. Thanks for your help with it, Jonathan. :) Making every rhyme exact can be hard work. :P

  3. You're welcome. :)

    As hard as making every rhyme exact is, it sets a high standard for your rhymes, and if you are inclined to do it that way, it seems worthwhile.

  4. Wow, Bush, your writing always amazes me! You're one of the most talented poets I know. Your poems fit together so nicely in the words and the steady rhythm, and the message is so clear and sweet that you want to savor the taste of it in your mouth (if that makes any sense :D)

    Your piano music (which I'd never heard before) is equally stunning. I always knew you were musically-inclined, but sheesh, girl, you're honestly amazing! I was blown away.

    Great work my friend!

  5. *hugs Aloha tight* Aloha! I have missed your presence on the web so much! Reading your comment reminded me of what an awesome writer you really are. :D

    I'm so glad you enjoy my poems! It's such a delight to hear that the people who read them enjoy them.

    And I'm so glad you enjoyed my piano music! It's an art that requires constant practise, and although those pieces weren't as perfect as I would have liked, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed them!



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