Flame - Drabble

By BushMaid

The flame flickered.  Yellow and orange, it danced merrily to a silent tune, casting bizarre shadows. Hints of sapphire blue flashed here and there, as the swaying golden flame wavered in the slight breeze.

He watched it, the fire burning clearly in his eyes. How he loved it. Passing his finger quickly through the flames, the fire licked at his skin; singeing, but not burning. It was beautiful, wild, untameable, and unstoppable.

Licking his lips, he bent forward and struck a match, the sudden burst of light exciting him as the match head slowly burned.

The pyromaniac grinned with delight.

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  1. I liked that- very descriptive. ^^
    Elly from HW

  2. Very well written. What inspired it?

  3. Wow. You conveyed those emotions very vividly.

  4. Thankyou Elly, Jonathan, and Philly. I really appreciate your comments!

    @Jonathan: I was putting wood on our fire a few days ago, and just before I do, I like to let the coals catch alight and watch the blue and gold flames spark and crackle before I put on the wood and close the door. I have always been mesmerized fire; it's so beautiful. (sounds strange, I know) So I suddenly thought I should write a drabble. :)

  5. So enticing and descriptive. Beautifully written Jasmin. Your writing has developed amazingly.

  6. Thanks, Elizabeth! It's so encouraging that you see I've improved; as you were one of the first people to see my first attempts. :)


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