To Be Real - Poem

So often we feel alone, when we truly aren't. Ask a crowded room full of people if they have ever felt alone, and every hand would go up. That would make for a lot of lonely people. What if we were simply honest about our struggles? What if we were simple open in our moments of humanness? Wouldn't that make a few less lonely people on the earth? What if the truth was that the one who dares to be real is actually the bravest?

What if we were honest -
What if we would share - 
Would anybody listen -
Would anybody care?

I press my hand up to the glass
And feel its shiny cold
Knowing, though I see your face,
The truth is there untold.

You're hiding behind a mask,
You're locked safely away.
No matter how I try to reach
You keep my arms at bay.

You don't see that I'm hurting,
A raw and painful mess
That could so easily be mended
If I simply could confess

That I'm in need of love from you
Just the smallest gentle touch;
I don't think you would realize
That it would mean so much.

If I took down the walls around my heart
And opened the doors up wide -
Would anybody care enough
To come and step inside?

To see you leave your hiding 
And put away your mask
So we could see each other clearly
And feel more free to ask:

"Just how is your journey going?"
"Would you like some prayer?"
"I've done the same, you're not alone,
I'm here: I truly care."

Instead you choose to fake it,
And stick to your facade.
You shut me out and turn away:
My mess was just too hard.

But I'm no fool, and I can see
As I squint through frosted glass:
That you are just as hurt as me,
But I am real: you are a farce.

Can't you see we're at a crossroads:
We cannot move ahead.
Until we let each other in,
All our hope is dead -

The hope that the love of Christ
Will reach a single soul;
If we cannot be real ourselves,
Love cannot be our goal.

For if our lives lack honesty
And we cannot show our pain,
Then nothing we experience
Will have eternal gain.

Please open up your eyes and see
Me crying out for you,
For if you love and let me in, 
Then I can love you too. 

If only we were honest -
If only we would share - 
Then maybe we could listen -
And show people we care.

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  1. Wow! This. Is. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I am speechless right now. Thank you so much for sharing this poem. :)

  2. Thanks so much, lovely. :) I'm very glad you enjoyed it. *hugs* xo


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