Passionate Musicians

I wish we knew some passionate musicians.

Not just musicians. They are dime a dozen. No, truly passionate musicians. Not just people who like music, or learnt piano once, or like to strum a guitar. People who are obsessed with music, in all it's forms.

 The kind of people who, if let into a music store, heaven help you to get them out. The kind of obsessed that their interest is piqued if they see an instrument anywhere, whose fingers itch and cannot be kept still whilst ever there is one available in the room.

The kind of person who listens to music all the time, not just to enjoy it, but to be inspired, and who cannot keep an epic riff or an awesome strings section to themselves.

Someone who loves to sing any and everywhere all the time; who tries to hit every note, and if they can't, practises till the can.

Perfectionist people who have a good ear. People who value quality music, well written, and well performed. Those who know an expensive instrument when they see it, and can tell you more about it.

The kind of people if you got together with them, you would not be able to shut up about music, recording interfaces, the best brands, styles, learning by ear or music, and other artists.

People who love to jam: get into a room together full of instruments and just rock out to whatever someone suggests, because they know how to play on the fly.

The kind of people who feel empty without something to make music with, who in those moments, resort to getting an awesome clapping/slapping rhythm section going with their siblings so they have something to sing over.

Those who would resort to music in any form whilst bored, even if that means playing a tiny guitar at the back of a queue, and getting people to join in and sing.
People who care about passion in a musician's heart more than anything. They appreciate enthusiasm even if the player isn't very good. They encourage people that everything is achievable with hard work, so keep at it.

The kind of folks who cannot walk past buskers in the mall, or ignore the musicians playing at a fair without going up to them and watching, learning, and asking questions. The kind of person who hears live music at a venue, and seeks it out. They must, or curiosity will kill them.

Passionate individuals who see a new instrument, or a new way of playing and instantly wants to buy one and learn it, or apply the new technique they've just seen.

People who can't wait to share their latest song they've written, and ask for ideas on how to improve it, and what instruments would go where.

 Those who want to copy and mimic their favourite artists. People who hear a song and work insanely at it to make it sound exactly like the recording.

 People who actually enjoy, and love to perform. Not out of pride, or a desire to be in the spotlight, but out of a desire to entertain, and to put smiles on faces. Who get a high out of hitting the final note in front of a crowd. People who may still be nervous about it, but the love of giving people enjoyment through their talents override it.

 People who live and breathe music, recognising it as one of God's greatest gifts to mankind. The kind of people who understand what it's like to raise their hands to God during powerful anthems of Amazing Grace whilst standing in church, and feeling the music wash over them as the Holy Spirit whispers in their soul.

 People who give their gifts back to their Saviour through music; expressing their hearts in the language of music that they speak.

 People like us. People like my siblings and I, who have done all of the above.

 And I wish we knew more people like us...

...Because they would understand.

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  1. *grins* I love this, Bush. 'Tis a beautiful gift you all have...because you make everyone a part of the song you sing. Love you. xo

    1. What a beautiful thing to say, honey... I love that. :) I want to always be that way, and get better at it. Love you, sweetheart. xo

  2. Mm, so true!! Love the way you put it, Jasmine, good post. :)

  3. I totally get your point. The feeling of wanting to share your passion with someone who's equally passionate about it is a strong one. This is a good post. You are all wonderful musicians!

  4. Thanks, sis! You know exactly what I mean. ;)

    Exactly, Rosie!! Finding people equally passionate isn't always easy. But I have to say, we always have a blast when you guys are over. ^_^


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