The Decision

This is a 355 word story I wrote for my town newspaper's Summer writing competition. Apparently there weren't any prizes... Anyway, it was fun to write!

The Decision
By BushMaid

The boy pressed his face against the glass. Oh, how hungry he was. His breath frosted the window whilst his eyes devoured the sight of the fresh bread placed just inside the bakery window. Shivering in the wind, the orphan boy was alone, and unconscious of the two beings that stood either side of him.

“You know, if you were quick, you could dart into that shop and knick that bread. Nobody would miss it.” The ominous black-cloaked figure murmured to the lad in a deep mellow voice.

“That wouldn’t be right, though.” The being on his right replied urgently, a low glow surrounding his being.

The black creature glowered at the white figure as he poked the lad in the ribs. “It doesn’t matter! What kind of soul would refuse a poor orphan boy? Just take the bread, and run fast!”

The boy shrugged in his thin jacket. He started moving in the direction of the bakery door.

The angel moved with him. “Think about this! What would your Father say? Stealing is wrong, you know it.”

The boy paused on the threshold. The angel and demon both stopped next to him, leaning forward in anticipation for his decision. Only the boy could decide one way or the other.

The lad shifted his feet. “Why should I?” He said aloud. “I’ve been hungry before. Besides, I’ll only sink further if I resort to thieving.”

The boy turned and left the bakery, not noticing the black figure disintegrate and disappear in a cloud of ash, nor the angel now shining like the sun, triumphing God’s victory.

“Excuse me lad,” an elderly voice said. The boy turned. “You look hungry, how about some bread? I’ve just been to the bakery and I bought an extra loaf.”

He held out the steaming loaf to the boy, who looked at the gentleman in disbelief as he took it. “Thankyou sir!” he said gratefully.

“My pleasure.” The elderly man said kindly. “Say, I’ve been needing a hand to keep my yard tidy. You wouldn’t happen to be looking for a job now, would you?”

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