Bump in the Night

I can't even remember why I wrote this... I think it might have been a competition/challenge over at YWP NaNoWriMo Anyway, here's a 500 word story I write for something-a-rather!

Bump in the Night
By BushMaid

I jerked awake, sitting bolt upright in my bed. I longed to pant but I held my breath and listened, my ears straining in the silence.


I released my pent in breath slowly, and I looked towards the window. I loud crash had awoken me, but the silence around me told me it was probably a dream. I rubbed my eyes, and looked at the clock. 4:00am. I looked again to the window, where beyond the white window frame the inky night lurked. I pushed back the bed covers and came to my feet. Opening the window, I took a deep lungful of night air. Was it just me? Or was my sixth sense telling me something was not right? I listened again, and with a jolt, I realized what was wrong: no crickets. I felt a chill crawl up my skin. Burglars?

I snatched up my dressing gown and put it on. Slowly, I inched my bedroom door open, and quietly tip toed to the top of the stairs descending from my upstairs bedroom. As I peered down, my heart leapt into my mouth. There was a light on in my kitchen! Someone was in my house!

“Oh, Lord...” I breathed. “What do I do?”

I crept slowly back to my room and peered around it, looking for a weapon. I spied on my dresser, a gold painted rock that my niece had given me. I picked it up, weighing it in my hand. Perfect. I then dived under the bed, and pulled out my screwdriver set, selecting the biggest and pointiest one there was. I was ready.
Back down the stairs, I peeked into the kitchen. A man all dressed in black was standing at the far side of the kitchen. His back was turned, and he was crouching down to remove my coffee maker. I fumed inwardly. My husband had given me that on our last anniversary! He stood up, and I ducked back hurriedly. I had to cause a distraction... a ceramic lamp stood on the table next to me. It would do. I dragged it off the table, and clenched my eyes shut as I waited for the impact.


The man gasped. Slowly footsteps traced their way across the kitchen floor. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Here was my chance! Taking a deep breath, the second he appeared around the corner I threw my rock, hard. The man ducked, and the rock went spinning across the room, crashing into the wall leaving a severe dint.

“What are you doing?!” He yelled at me. 

At once, I realised my mistake. Slowly his hand groped the wall and flicked on the light, revealing my most bewildered husband. My eyes widened in shock as I stammered, “I-I t-thought you were a burglar!”

“Of course not! I just got an early flight home!” His eyes twinkled. “Did you miss me?”

Fear forgotten, with a happy cry, I threw myself into his arms.

“Sorry about your lamp.” He teased.

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  1. Heehee! This is a clever twist on the typical "bump in the night" story. The MC is has a slightly quirky personality that's fun. The only thing I might add is to mention that her husband wasn't home - perhaps with a sentence like "Why did this have to happen when my husband wasn't home?" That way it's clear she has a husband, but removes the possibility of the burglar being her husband until the ending.

  2. Thanks, Philly! That's a good suggestion, I think I'll edit it that in somewhere. Thankyou so much for reading!


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