Heart of Glass

I came upon a heart today
It said hi and so did I 
We found we had a lot to say
And as we talked, the time went by.
We shared of all our favourite things
Of what we did for work or fun
And were we peasants or we kings
Mattered not, for we were one.
The heart before me opened slow
Sharing piece by tiny piece
The experiences that it did know
Unfolded slowly, crease by crease. 
The more I listened, the more I shared
My deepest and most soulful things
The more of all our hearts we bared
We felt like we'd been given wings;
As if we'd built a sacred place
Safe from all the world around
Where we could see face to face
And where our beauty made a sound.
It was at this point I made a joke
Thinking we knew each other well
But alas, the fragile heart it broke
And receded back inside its shell.
I didn't know how soft it was
That it could easily shatter
How such a callous word could cause
It to feel like it didn't matter.
The pieces I had earned in trust
I'd thrown upon the floor
And fix it, though I know I must
It won't be the same as before.
But the love of God is what will heal
In ways we ourselves can't mend
And a broken heart again will feel
The love it couldn't comprehend.
A careless word can be a knife
That can cripple and can mar
So when we get to touch a life
We should be careful not to scar.
Though, praise God, we can go on
Sharing hearts and souls again
His grace we must rely upon 
If we are to bear the hurt and pain.
So remember when you meet a heart
No matter what it's type or class
That it's God's precious work of art
And almost always made of glass.

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