Taking photos like frames of video
Frantic to hold onto moments
As they slip through my fingers
Click, click, click, I capture life
If I string them all together in a line
Like a slideshow as fast as time
And I watch the memories fly
Maybe I can keep them all alive
I tell myself this lie over and over
As though I would ever believe
A photo is worth the same as your face
Or that the warmth of your arms hugging
Could ever be felt through a Polaroid
I'm in the moment with eyes open wide
Trying to absorb every little detail
Voices, expressions, shining eyes
The way he talks with his hands
And she throws back her head to laugh
My heart is full as my gaze soaks it in
My presence immersed in theirs
But my head is afraid that I'll lose it
Scared I will lose this precious clarity
This atmosphere of fellowship and love
I fear it will fade with the setting sun
So desperate for anything to hold onto
I believe I need a trigger to remember
I take more photos every chance I get
Knowing deep down it will not satisfy
Until I realized fellowship is never owned
It is something given, not returned
Though the moments will always pass
The feelings of love and grace never die
They are carried eternally in our souls
So we needn't fear losing grip on goodness
It chases us down and overtakes us 
One love-drenched moment at a time
This is the feeling we can't see in photos
A love that never leaves, never dies
So I smile and put away my camera
And relish the infinity of the moment
For the love that binds it in my heart.

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  1. Sometimes it easier to truly enjoy and then later remember a moment even better if not looking through a camera. I know this feeling so well. I want to catch it, but you just can never quite keep all of it and somehow the camera can put a wall there too.

    1. Exactly, sometimes the memories are more precious than the time it took to take the photo.


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