Whatsoever in Conversation...

[A thoughts-on-paper post as a result of some deep thinking and personal challenges.]

What is the point of your every day conversation? Is your verbal interaction with others always worthwhile? Do your words carry a depth of meaning in social circles, whatever the topic? Is what you have to say worth anything, or is it pointless?

Now I'm not talking about typical conversations like telling the checkout clerk that you don't want any cash out, or placing your McDonalds order or telling your friends what you did on the weekend. I'm talking about when you're just hanging out with people - anybody - and you start talking. Does the conversation go anywhere meaningful? Or does it tend towards drivel or random anecdotes that only serve to be distracting and forgettable in passing? What kind of words do you want to be remembered for?

Though its good to have fun and joke around at times, is that the kind of conversation you want to be most known for? Is that what you tend towards the most whenever there is a chance for social interaction: talking nonsense and being random? The Word says that from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. So if you have more in your heart than just silly, idle words, why don't you share those instead? Is it a fear of substantial subject matter, or a laziness that can't be bothered to go any deeper than a quote from the latest movie?

If it isn't edifying, uplifting or encouraging a person in their walk with God or relationships with others at all, is it really worth saying? Sure it might be funny, random and whacky, but does it count for anything? I think if we only had a set number of words to speak, we would want them to count for something instead of wasting them on pointless conversations. Could our foolish talk perhaps be a cover up for not making the effort to actually get to know someone; to ask them questions that would help you understand them better so that you could encourage them more? Or is it just because its so easy to be random? Note that it was never said worthwhile things come easy.

What if we made the effort to be more like Samuel in that not one of his words fell to the ground (1 Sam. 3:19)? He never said a pointless word, or a word without meaning and purpose. What would that look like; if we as young adults all stood up and spoke with authority, kindness and sincerity in every conversation? What if, instead of speaking ridiculous, frivolous, random, cynical or sarcastic words, we spoke words of love, truth, correction, encouragement and edification? What if we spent our words in Godly discussions that served to be thought provoking and insightful instead of frivolous and unhelpful? Which would have more impact?

By which would you rather be remembered by?

Which would please God more?

If you were in the middle of a conversation with a bunch of friends, and someone walked by you as you all talked, would that person see you as a bunch of idiotic young adults laughing and joking about some silly comment, or would they recognize something different about you by the wisdom, humility and sincerity of your conversation?

If you were in the same situation when Jesus returns, what kind of conversation would you rather Him find you in?

If it is so easy for a passerby to miss recognizing you as a Christian based on your behaviour, how easy do you think it could be for Jesus to miss you should He walk by?

Yes, there is a time and place for everything, and that includes a time for goofing off. But that should be just that: a certain time - not the majority of the time. Wholesome conversation and discussion should not just be confined to a Bible study night, topic discussion or church morning. We shouldn't need a set apart day or subject to spend our words meaningfully. It should be our way of life, every day, and in every day conversation. We should be marked as Christians not only by what we do, but by what we say.
"And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." - Col. 3:17
This is something God has really challenged me on lately, and I wanted to share it. I find it easy to be pulled into conversations that are filled with sarcastic quips, witty jabs, quirky anecdotes, and random jokes. This isn't to say one should never laugh during a conversation, or that all joking is sin. Not at all, I'd be a lost cause if that were the case. I'm not trying to be legalistic, but I have been made aware - yet again - of how precious our words are, and how important it is to think about the way we are spending them. It may not always be easy to refrain from fun randomness, but if we honour Christ above all, we will strive and make the effort to honour Him with our speech in all things.

So take this as a challenge. How are you spending your words?

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  1. You just gave me a story idea.... As to the post, I wish I could have more meaningful conversations.... A lot of the time I probably don't though because I don't know how to start them or what they should be about.....But I do wish conversations could have more point!

  2. A very thought provoking post. I too often strike up rather idle conversations and although they are fun at the time, I often wish I had said other, more meaningful words.

  3. @Clare: I guess practise makes perfect, so I'd encourage you to give it a go, and try striking up a meaningful conversation with people more often. You might be surprised. :D

    @Rosie: I often wish the same thing. :P I was actually at a party last night and came away wishing I'd spent my words more wisely, even if I didn't spend them UNwisely.

  4. Wow. This. Reading this is so challenging! It's true, I find it fun to joke around and laugh alot; especially with people who seem to not to want to engage in anything deeper than randomness.
    True also that making insightful and meaningful conversation is not easy at times, I find. And because it takes more effort I tend to not try, which could come off as my looking like a silly shallow girl.
    "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks," so so yes! If Jesus truly is in me, He should be shining out of my speech more so than stupid insignificant talk, hey.
    Thanks so much for writing this post, sis! :)

  5. You and me both, sister. We tend to accommodate the people around us when it comes to conversation, when sometimes we should probably stick up for something more substantial.

    But don't you worry; you are no way a silly shallow girl, I know that fully well. :) <3 xo


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