Distant Friends - Poem

Amazing the friends I've made through the wonders of the internet! Christian sisters and brothers I never knew I had. Such a blessing.

Distant Friends
By BushMaid

Another soul, another face,
Spanning across the time and space.

Between them a great distance lies,
With written words their only ties.

On different sides of earth they are,
Through words so near, and yet so far.

Computer screen becomes a link,
Sending thoughts in less than a blink.

A soul and face I do not know
Except for words my screen will show.

Laughing - smiling - I come to see
How wonderful these folks must be.

Gradually I learn their ways,
And after quite a many days,

The simple words become much more,
As though we’re talking through a door.

Though not a face I’d recognize,
Their happy voices; smiling eyes:

I can imagine in my head,
Uniqueness in each word that’s said.

With these words my computer sends,
I count these people as my friends.

Which often causes me despair,
For all the times I can’t be there:

To offer them a tight embrace,
A gentle touch, or smiling face;

To help their pain, their grief or tears,
To bear their worries, thoughts or fears.

I’m stranded oh so far away,
With only simple words to say.

Computer screen my only sign
That everyone is doing fine.

The worries try to eat at me,
“How are they when I cannot see?”

And in this thing I know I must
Learn to lean on the God I trust.

For He is everywhere, I know.
In every place that I can’t go.

So in His hands I place my friends,
From every place on earthly ends.

I know someday we all will meet,
A time I know will be most sweet.

But up till then, God be with you,
And someday I will meet you too.

God loves you more than words could say,
For this I’m grateful for each day.

Praying across the time and space,
Until the day we see His face.

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  1. Thankyou Jonathan. :) God is good.

  2. Like you and me, Bushy. ^.^

    This is beautiful. You are so good at this. :) Post more, please. :)

  3. I love this, Bushy. I almost cried reading it *sigh* I just need to give you a big hug.

  4. @Grace: *smiles* Yes lovely, like us. :) Thankyou for reading, and your comment, Gracie! I'll post more when they are written. ;)

    @Steph: Aww! *sniff* Thankyou, sweet Stephanie! I shall give you a big virtual hug, to tide you over until the day I can give you a real one. *gives Steph big big hug* :D

  5. Another poem that describes how I often feel. :D

  6. Thankyou for reading, Olivia. :D It's wonderful knowing some of the poems I write for myself can be identified with by others. :)


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