Time Together - Poem

A poem inspired by my dear friend, Bek.

Time Together
By BushMaid

A final hug, one last embrace;
A last long look upon your face.
A moment here, the next away:
Now living in another day.

The passing time, a mystery -
A second here, then history.
Lives bump each other here and there,
Our times together are so rare.

Strange, time moves without you here:
It moves for all my friends so dear.
Revolving clock, it spins around - 
Time, it moves: wherever we're found.

Each life a bubble floating by:
Borne on the winds of time, they fly.
Sometimes two worlds become as one - 
Sharing the time under the sun.

These moments brief, we live to see,
Where time contains both you and me.
Though few and far between they seem - 
It does no harm for one to dream.

Though parting always comes with pain,
I know a time will come again;
A time the two of us can share:
And in that place, we'll both be there.

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  1. I'm very glad you've written another poem. I enjoyed reading it. :)

  2. I am always so honoured to have my poems read by you, Jonathan. :) I'm glad you enjoyed this one; one of the advantages to having a cold - one can write poetry whilst in bed. ;)

  3. That was lovely, darling Bush! But you are sick in bed?? Are you ok? Get better soon!

  4. I'm not bedridden; but I was in bed when i wrote it. That cold the little ones had finally got me. =P But I'll be fine. :D


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